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Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth feels like an eternal dessert-before-dinner, a rejection of the idea that we need to suffer before we get to the good stuff. You’ve got one life. Indulge your Sweet Tooth.

From Mom Jeans. Out on February 25, 2022.

Pressing Info

300 - Yellow and Blue Twister (Wax Bodega Exclusive)

300 - Bone (Banquet Records Exclusive)
250 - Blue (BrooklynVegan Exclusive)
350 - Bone with Blue and Pink Splatter (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
400 - Pink and Clear Galaxy (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
500 - Yellow (Honey TV Exclusive)
500 - Half Bone / Half Blue (Counter Intuitive Exclusive)
900 - Pink (Retail Exclusive)
300 - Pink and Doublemint A-Side/B-Side (Mom Jeans. Exclusive)
500 - Clear with Bone, Blue, Yellow, Doublemint, and Pink Splatter (Mom Jeans. Exclusive)
700 - Clear with Yellow Moon Phase (Mom Jeans. Exclusive)
1000 - Doublemint (Mom Jeans. Exclusive)

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