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Led by exuberant guitarist Marcos Mena, standards is a math rock duo all of its own. The group boasts a fruitful combination of musical chops and catchy guitar-driven melodies which has garnished popularity among fans who laud standards for their uniquely danceable brand of complex instrumental rock. For almost five years, their instrumental compositions have captivated audiences all over the world as well as in their hometown of Los Angeles, California. Proclaimed as an interesting, new talent by Guitar World magazine, standards is poised to have their biggest year yet after signing with indie label Wax Bodega. As the band enters this new chapter, there is little doubt that they will continue to defy expectations of what an instrumental rock duo is capable of.

The album is out now on Wax Bodega. Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
Cosmic Dream
Bubble Bath

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Pressing Info

Second Pressing
500 - Melon

First Pressing
300 - Pink and White Marble
700 - Apple

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