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Disposable Life

$15.00 - $40.00

Disposable Life is a reintroduction to Knuckle Puck: it’s a celebration of the past decade of KP and a supercharged mission statement for the future. It’s a sharp inhale, a spring-loaded blast off the starting blocks after the tumult of the past two years. It’s a sign of good things yet to come.

The new EP comes out on February 4th, digitally, on Wax Bodega. Vinyl will ship around Late April / Early May. Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
In the Bag
Lonely Island
Here’s Your Letter (blink-182 Cover)

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Pressing Info

First Pressing
300 - Baby Blue and White Marble
300 - Spring Green (Banquet Records Exclusive)
450 - Violet and White Marble (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
500 - Spring Green and Violet Marble
750 - Violet
1200 - Red Apple (Retail, Tour)

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