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Never Before Seen, Never Again Found


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Never Before Seen, Never Again Found is the debut LP from Quinte West, Ontario band Arm’s Length. Along with its title, titanic emo punk compositions, and melodic beauty, Never Before Seen, Never Again Found feels like a defining record of a new generation of emo because of where it’s from: three young people grappling with the brutality, confusion, and deep-rooted family traumas of 21st century life amid the funerals, farm fields, and stripmalls of a rural, small-town Ontario community, with little hope of getting out.

Also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
Object Permanence
Aries (Moth Song)
Tough Love
Formative Age
Muscle Memory
Playing Mercy
Everything As I Knew It
Loving Memory
Family and Friends

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Pressing Info

Second Pressing
1000 - Purple in Cloudy Clear

First Pressing
200 - Pink with Blue and White Splatter
300 - White and Pink A-Side/B-Side
1000 - Blue (also available at Banquet Records)

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