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The Whole Enchilada!


Naylor, Barsz, and Kramer met while playing in different bands around Philadelphia and started jamming after Naylor booked Barsz and Kramer at a coffee shop in Westchester. The project started as jokey and “memey,” taking its name from a combo of the show iCarly and its lead actress, Miranda Cosgrove. (Note: all Carly Cosgrove song titles are references pulled from either iCarly or Drake and Josh. Impressive commitment to a bit while still producing incredible music. Naylor says the goal is to get a cease and desist.)

The Whole Enchilada! discography compilation is available now on Wax Bodega and Moon Physics.

Track Listing:
You Ate My Enchilada!
Techfoot Money
Not My Job
Liar (I Ain't Calling' You a Truther!)
Old Jersey
Freddie Benson
Liar (Cemetery Tapes Session)
Old Jersey (Cemetery Tapes Session)
Buttersock (Cemetery Tapes Session)
Freddie Benson (Cemetery Tapes Session)

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Pressing Info

First Pressing
150 - Tangerine (Moon Physics Exclusive)
400 - Fruit Punch Marble

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