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Nova Bundle


Nova Bundle includes Half and Half vinyl and Sunflower and Cult tee, plus Red Nova hoodie.

Mat Kerekes pulled Nova, the title of his upcoming solo LP, from two places: an early 2000s PC game and the state where he’s living. He’s been splitting time between his hometown Toledo, Ohio and Woodbridge in north Virginia—NoVa to locals. A rerelease of the fantasy hack-and-slash game Diablo 2 brought the second iteration with a character’s special attack called ‘frost nova.’ The stars had aligned: Nova would be the next record.

Vinyl also available on Bandcamp.

Track Listing:
Look, I’m a Famous Actor
And It Might’ve Been
Daniel Fang
Art of Living
The Cool Kids
Honky Tonk
Six Twenty
You’ll Be Selling Out Theaters
Farewell, Frankenstein

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